Most Significant Publications:

These three articles are the ones I want to be remembered by. The earliest one described an earlier version of my collection apparatus in some detail, and presented some research results from Will Leland showing that the models commonly used in studying LAN traffic did not agree with data derived from actual network traffic. My direct contributon to the later two papers was a more abbreviated description of the final version of the collector and a description of the environment from which the data was taken.

The IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking paper is an expanded version of the paper I gave at SIGCOMM '93. Both of these papers have been identified as "hot spots" by the Science Citation Index. The Transactions on Networking paper won two awards from the IEEE. The first was the IEEE Communications Society's 1995 William R. Bennett Prize Paper Award for being judged the best paper published in Transactions on Networking in the year 1994 and the second was the 1996 W. R. G. Baker Prize Award for being judged the best paper to appear in any IEEE publication in 1994. Just being nominated for the Baker Prize was quite a tribute; winning was certainly far beyond my expectations.

The lead author on both the SIGCOMM '93 and Transactions on Networking papers was Walter Willinger who put the names on the papers in alphabetical order despite protests. The other authors were Will E. Leland and Murad Taqqu. All are mathematicians doing research in networking issues. I'm the networking and system integration person. In addition to designing, building, and gathering data with the network tracing system I provided a lot of background information to the statisticians on how LANs operate and worked on connecting what the statisticians found in their research to the hardware, protocols, and software that made up the system of computers and networks the data was taken from.

The complete list of publications I contributed to can be found here.  Note that the links below all lead to PDF files.

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