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That's me in a 1983 photo when I had a lot more hair. Photo by Roberta J. Wilson.

How-To's and various projects:

Lesk Radio  Over the years I've built and refined a Linux TM-based system that now records all programming from my two favorite radio stations, in my case WNYC-FM and WQXR in New York City.  I call it Lesk Radio in honor of Michael E. Lesk, the first person I saw use a computer to make automatic recordings off an external radio or tuner.

To come: sections on my adventures with Arduino boards and peripherals.

Work related items:

I'm best known for some work I did while employed by the Applied Research Area of Bell Communications Research which is now Telcordia Technologies. I designed and constructed an Ethernet monitoring device that allowed very long traffic traces to be recorded with very accurate timestamps and without loss of data. The data from the traces I made was used by a team of statisticians to show that Ethernet traffic is self-similar or fractal in nature, and that it displays long-term dependence.

I was priveleged to take part in writing a number of papers on the results of this research. Information on the most significant of the publications I was co-author on and why this research was important can be found here. A complete list of publications I contributed to can be found here.

Other items:

In years past a major section of this site was devoted to the family business I grew up in.

My biographical essay covers my life in Missouri and in New Jersey up until the time I joined AT&T Bell Laboratories in 1981.

The essay Dad, Archery, that Shop, and Me goes into some of the reasons I did not follow my father's footsteps and go into the family archery business.


I've just realized I've not updated this thing in more than five years. Time to bring it out of the Dark Ages - Soon!

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